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Five Kinds Of Chocolate Used To Make Gourmet Chocolates And Why You Should Familiarize Yourself With Them

Gourmet chocolates (such as those from Abdallah Candies And Gifts) are sweets that are desired all around the globe. If you are not a "chocoholic," as some chocolate addicts are, then you probably are not familiar with the many kinds of chocolate used to make gourmet chocolates. You should familiarize yourself with this multipurpose ingredient, especially if you want to work in a kitchen or bakery some day. Here are five kinds of chocolate with which to familiarize yourself. Read More 

Help! What Do You Do With A Big Jar Of Pickled Vegetables?

Have you ever bought a big jar of Italian preserved vegetables, only to get it home and wonder what in the world you are going to do with it? These pickled vegetables are great in many different dishes, and can be used to spice things up. Here are a few ideas. Salad-Italian preserved vegetables are great tossed into salad. They add a spicy, tangy kick that pairs perfectly with fresh Parmesan cheese and homemade Italian dressing. Read More 

Keeping Food Fresh During A Power Outage

If you have a lot of food in your refrigerator and freezer that you do not wish to lose due to a malfunction with your appliances or a power outage, you will want to take safety precautions to keep it fresh. Power outages can happen at any time, so you want to make sure you are prepared in advance in case one were to occur. Here are some tips for you to use to help you salvage any cold food items that you are storing. Read More