How To Make The Mom-To-Be Special At The Baby Shower

Many pregnant women can be very emotional because their body is going through so many changes. They are going through morning sickness, experiencing sensitive breasts, and dealing with stretching ligaments. At the same time, mothers-to-be must prepare for the arrival of their babies. The baby shower is a chance for the mom to receive gifts for her baby and to enjoy time with loved ones. If you are planning the baby shower, then you want to make the mom-to-be feel special. Read More 

Menu Ideas for a Hawaiian-Themed Office Party

If you're in charge of organizing an upcoming office party, and you've decided on a Hawaiian theme (to help people escape the winter blues), then the food is a really important part. Once you decorate the tables with grass wraps, hang some leis up (and have them for coworkers to wear if they like), and have some music picked out (maybe some Gabby Pahinui), then the next important step is the menu. Read More 

Four Fabulous Sandwiches Fit For A Kaiser

A Kaiser roll, sometimes referred to as a Vienna roll or even a semmel, is a round hard roll. Originating in Austria, this roll is common in bakeries all over America now. Its crusty exterior and delicate yet dense interior makes it the perfect sturdy choice for juicy sandwiches. Here are four flavorful sandwiches that are perfect on a Kaiser roll. Pulled Pork A pork shoulder roast or a Boston butt roast can be a tough cut of meat. Read More 

How To Plan A Great Graduation Party For Your Child

Now that your child's graduation is drawing near, you are probably having mixed emotions. On one hand, you are excited that your child has adventures in life ahead of him or her. On the other hand, you might be experiencing feelings of melancholy as you remember days gone by. One thing is for sure: having a graduation party for your child is a wonderful way to honor accomplishments that have taken place over the years. Read More 

2 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Casino Visit

Visiting a casino is a popular vacation activity, mostly because it can offer a wide range of different activities that can appeal to just about every member of your family. Listed below are two tips that can help you get the most out of your visit to a casino. Sign Up for the Rewards Program One of the easiest ways to increase your enjoyment of a casino trip is to sign up for any rewards program that the casino may offer. Read More