How To Make The Mom-To-Be Special At The Baby Shower

Many pregnant women can be very emotional because their body is going through so many changes. They are going through morning sickness, experiencing sensitive breasts, and dealing with stretching ligaments. At the same time, mothers-to-be must prepare for the arrival of their babies.

The baby shower is a chance for the mom to receive gifts for her baby and to enjoy time with loved ones. If you are planning the baby shower, then you want to make the mom-to-be feel special.

Cook Her Favorite Foods

You can spoil the mom by making her favorite foods. The menu should consist of finger foods, cakes, fruit and vegetable trays, dips and drinks. From these categories, you would choose here favorite of that item to serve at the party. If she likes red velvet cake, then you can get one made and serve it at the shower.

If you hire a catering company, then it will make planning for the party much easier. Baby showers are social events, which is why you should serve finger foods. Finger foods are easy to move around the room and allows everyone to keep talking.

You should explain to your caterers that you want the food to center around the mom-to-be favorites. Your caterer can pull together a menu to highlight these items. Caterers can also add their personal touch to make the shower special for your friend.

Fruit babies are a common item served at baby showers to play on the theme of the party. A baby is made using a watermelon and it is filled with a variety of fruits. It is things like this that a caterer can do to make your friend's day special.

Send Registry Information With Invitations

It helps to send baby registry information along with the invitation to guests. If your friend is a first-time mom, then she is going to need a lot of items. The mom-to-be would really appreciate getting items that she really need for her baby.

Give Her A Mini Makeover

You want the mom-to-be to feel beautiful. She is on an emotional roller coaster. You should also choose her an outfit that is comfortable, but something a little dressier than normal. The outfit can be made more glamorous by doing her makeup. At the baby shower, you want to make a fuss about the mom-to-be and to tell her she is beautiful.  You should also take plenty of flattering pictures.

Baby showers are meant to bring people together and to celebrate the arrival of new life. Having a new baby around is one of the most exciting experiences.