Gourmet Halal Burgers—Staple Ingredients And Prep Processes

Consuming Halal meat is acceptable to those who follow the Islamic faith. Nutritious meat products that have been sourced in a humane manner are used to prepare gourmet burgers and other meat dishes.

Halal Products

Halal meat products have been sourced in a responsible manner. An animal that is going to be slaughtered must be healthy at the time that the slaughtering process is conducted. Killing an animal involves using a knife along the neck area. A blunt, direct slice is used to execute the slaughtering process quickly. Upon draining the blood from the body of an animal, the flesh will be removed from the carcass.

Halal meat products undergo a manufacturing process that uses Islamic principles. Meat products will be processed, weighed, and packaged. Then, they will undergo a labeling process. People who only eat Halal meat will be careful about what they select when they are grocery shopping. The labeling will indicate if a meat product is acceptable. Halal products may contain information about the manufacturing standards that a processing plant has used.

Gourmet Burgers

Gourmet burgers that use Halal products may contain one or more patties, quality fillings and toppings, and grainy or doughy bread products. A gourmet burger is one that is elevated in taste and texture. A chef may make sure that each meat patty that they prepare is a specific thickness and shape. A special blend of spices and seasonings may have been stirred into the meat product that is being used to create gourmet burgers.

Quality baked bread products may be thick and absorbent. A bun will soak up the flavor of the meat and condiments that are added to a gourmet burger. Halal gourmet burgers may undergo a grilling or frying process.

Homemade Burgers

If burgers are going to be made by a home chef, the individual should shop for some locally-sourced vegetables and cheeses that can be used to create quality gourmet products. Pickles, onions, and other toppings can be used to add texture and flavor to a burger. A meat thermometer should be used, to ensure that cooked meat is at the desired temperature.

Gourmet products include full-sized burgers and mini sliders. A double or triple-decker gourmet product can be a filling meal that one or more people can enjoy. Fries, salads, baked potatoes, and mixed vegetables can be served on the side. A gourmet burger that uses Halal meat can be enjoyed as a lunch or a filling dinner. 

For more information about Halal burgers, contact a local restaurant.