How Sugar Affects Probiotics and Your Digestive System

Probiotics play a major role in your immune system working effectively, and it helps with proper digestion and nutrient absorption. The body contains good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are considered good bacteria. They fight off pathogens, keep your gut healthy, and are often recommended to treat digestive problems.

This bacteria is also found in food and supplements. Sugar is a preservative in a lot of foods. Probiotics are affected when added to high-sugar environments. Your digestive system can get thrown off from too much sugar, which results in it not breaking down food properly.

How Your Digestive System Gets Disrupted

Certain things like too much stress, bad bacteria, and sugar throws off the pH balance of your digestive system. When the pH balance is off, bad bacteria can thrive.

What Happens When Your Digestive System Is Off Balance

Many doctors will prescribe antibiotics to kill off the bad bacteria. However, your good bacteria become collateral damage during this treatment. This results in not having enough good bacteria and your digestive system not working properly. Your food is not getting broken down, absorbed, or eliminated from your body. It can cross into the damaged area of your intestinal lining into your bloodstream. This leads to developing a leaky gut, which results in an inflammatory response that releases stress hormones. Ultimately, you will have a host of problems related to your gastrointestinal tract.

Why You Should Reduce Sugar in Your Diet

It helps to eliminate or control how much sugar enters your gut. You want to watch the amount of sugar that is going into your body through food. One of the ways to do is by looking for sugar alternatives, like those offered by Sugar 2.0. An environment that is rich in sugar pulls water from your cells. This sugar causes your cell walls to break down, which eventually results in cell death. Many food manufacturers are aware of this reaction. They are creating foods to maintain the balance between the amount of sugar to preserve food and the feasibility of probiotics in foods. For these reasons, you can buy sugar alternatives and should follow a low-calorie sugar diet.

There is a relationship between your brain and gut. The quality, composition and quantity of bacteria in your gut influences your brain. It determines how well your brain functions. Manufacturers makes hundreds of vitamins for keeping your brain healthy. These vitamins also maintain the integrity of the lining in your gut. This is important because you do not want to develop a leaky gut. A leaky gut can lead to a number of health complications. Talk to your doctor to learn more about the importance of a balanced diet and for recommendations on sugar alternatives.